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The Jubilee Line: Kurt Klaus, CEO Christoph Grainger Herr Talk 150 Years IChopard Replica

Christoph Grainger Herr, CEO of IChopard Replica (Photography by Sandro Baebler).

Just Jonesing

This year, the brand's focus was to reflect on the past, honor the past and give glimpses into the future. It also celebrated 150 years of watchmaking excellence. F. A. Jones was the founder of IChopard Replica, a man that Grainger Herr explains still holds a lot of importance to the company. He says that Jones was both a technical and precise man. However, he was also a visionary and bold entrepreneur. It is the same mix of having fun with new ideas and making sure that everything is built to the highest Swiss-Germanic standards.

IChopard Replica founder, Florentine Ariosto Jones

"The building where it all began is still in use and makes us proud every day.franck muller replica watches It's a fine example of American architecture, located in central Switzerland. It is a symbol of someone who arrived here as an engineer and a bold thinker. He had the almost insane idea to establish an industrialised manufacturing plant in the Swiss heartland. It is very inspiring to know that his dream was realized and that it is still the heartbeat of a global brand. To walk through that door each morning, you can feel the legacy of that brand. It's almost unique. It is almost unique in this modern age, where many brands are little more that assembly plants. However, we can show you every step of manufacturing, assembly, and marketing.

The IChopard Replica headquarters were built on the banks the River Rhine in 1875.

Come to Schaffhausen

Klaus and Grainger Herr are united in their belief that they could not imagine working for another manufacturer when it comes to IChopard Replica's daily life. Klaus said, "I was born in St. Gallen. Not far from Schaffhausen." Klaus said, "I wanted to return home and IChopard Replica was close by. I asked them if they needed a They did and so I began in 1957. I'm still here, not working on watches but representing the brand that I love. When I assembled the Mark 11 movement, I felt at ease from day one. This was something I'd never experienced before. This was true even during the difficult 1970s, and it still is today. IChopard Replica is my home."

Kurt Klaus und Christoph Grainger Herr (Photography by Sandro Baebler).

Grainger-Herr agrees, "I've been here for 11 year and my story isn't that different than Kurt" "I loved the brand, and I realized that they likely needed an architect.IWC Replica They said they had. I went to ask. When I first walked through the door, I felt a sense of belonging. The people and the atmosphere were what I loved and it has not changed. It was never about the job, it was about being settled. This brand is unique in that it combines engineering, pure design, and emotion. It is the brand people fall in love. This fascination with IChopard Replica is what we bring to life and let our clients experience it.

Tumultuous Times

Klaus, a man Grainger-Herr calls "a living memory" of the company's history and legacy of watchmaking, was hired by Albert Pellaton (the legendary Technical Director), who invented the bidirectional Pellaton winding mechanism.Tissot Replica Klaus says, "I think about him everyday." He was a very talented and special man, and I often wonder how he chose me as his assistant. I started by assembling movements, then I moved on to the repair section - all this was to teach me the IChopard Replica philosophy. I was the one who repaired an original Pallweber. It was a difficult job, and I still have it. I admire the watchmakers involved in the Jubilee Collection.

IChopard Replica Technical Director Albert Pellaton

"Mr. Pellaton insisted on the best quality. He taught me that a watch must be strong. It should be a watch that can last a lifetime. It's not about being thin. In fact, I hate watches that are too slim. This philosophy of quality and performance has made IChopard Replica watches some of the most reliable and high-quality on the market.

IChopard Replica Pallweber pocket watch: Open-faced with digital numerals, Cyrillic inscription (1886), hunter-case with digital display windows (1887), and open-faced (1885).

Klaus carries the teachings of Pellaton with him.Chopard Replica He remembers the most difficult times he and IChopard Replica had to face during the 1970s, when quartz was at the forefront. His mentor had died, many of the company's engineers had gone, and he felt alone. "There was no movement development, so we bought in ETA automatics and Jaeger LeCoultre quartz calibres. IChopard Replica had never made complicated watches before. However, I had the idea of creating a speciality and I began to build a mechanism for a pocket-watch movement while I was free. IChopard Replica watchmakers were only available Monday through Thursday. I was allowed to visit my workshop on Friday to do my thing.

Chopard Replica